What is Your Parenting Style? – Quiz

Take our quiz to find what kid of parent you really are!

Tiger mum, helicopter parent, blah blah blah.

We have heard of all of the parenting styles.

Well at least all of the parenting styles that they have come up with this week.

But what about you?  What is your mothering style?  Are you the devil may care mum? the overprotective parent?

Do you hover like a helicopter, or screech like a seagull?

Do you not really care, but are a bit bored and have a few spare minutes?

You’re in Luck!

Take our What is Your Parenting Style quiz, and find out what the other mums at school drop off really think about you.


You've asked your child approximately 20 times (over the last 20 minutes) to get their shoes and they wander out with one shoe on, eating a sultana that they found god knows where. You:

Your precious bundle of joy comes walking towards you, cradling one of his arms. As he gets closer, you notice blood, a dangly bit of skin, and something whiteish sticking out that you really hope is a chunk of string cheese that somehow got stuck in the middle of this chaos. You:

You're at a restaurant, and your child insists on ordering the Mac and cheese. You know your kid does not like Mac and cheese, and have reminded them of this. But. They. Want. Mac. And. Cheese! You:

The kids are in the room next to you. You hear a loud (and expensive sounding) crash, and then silence. You:

It's 3am. The darling child that insisted that they DID NOT NEED to go to the toilet before sleep is standing next to your bed, holding one of your eyelids open as they breathe directly into it. "Mum, I wet the bed" they loudly spit/whisper into your iris. You:

What is your Parenting Style?
Bat Mum
Sounds cool, right? Like you're Batman's mum or something?! Don't forget that Batman's mum was shot.. You, madam bat mum are a just a bit oblivious. Do you even know what your children are doing? Really doing? I bet you didn't even realise that one of your kids is currently raiding the cookie jar. The other one is most likely out somewhere, doing something that you're going to get a phone call about.. You my dear bat mum, are as blind as a bat.
Tiger Mum
We've all heard of the Tiger Mum. She is fierce and protective. No one messes with her cubs! But is that really what tigers do? How David Attenborough narrates it, tigers lay in the sun while their multiple offspring attempt to pulverise and chew on each other. Your kids are always wrestling and fighting, but it's usually with each other, so that's kind of ok. Right? Your children are constantly scratched, skinned and concussed, and as long as they give you 5 minutes of peace, and don't actually kill each other you're usually cool with it. You, my lovely tiger mum are the parent that is on a first name basis with all of the staff in the A&E department, and may even send them Christmas cards each year (perhaps in the hope that the staff don't call child protective services on you..)
Seagull Mum
SQUARK! Give it a rest already seagull mum, we heard you. We heard you when that poor waitress gave your child a marshmallow with their babycino without asking you first. We heard you when that kid pushed in front of your precious bundle on the playground slide, and we heard you when you thought your windows were closed and nobody could hear you screeching at your husband for loading the dishwasher wrong (though I feel your pain on this one!) If you can't stop yourself from getting into peoples faces and squawking at them, can you at least save it for when you're at home with the windows shut (preferably after buying every poor member of your household including the goldfish noise cancelling headphones)
Lemming Mum
Do you remember that computer game where all of the lemmings followed each other right off the edge of a cliff? Well I've got some bad news for you lemming mum, you would probably follow your internet based mums group if they told you that jumping off a cliff would cure little Johnny's croup. You're a bit unsure about this whole parenting thing, and have decided that the best way to get through it is to rely on strangers advice for every small minute detail of wrangling and raising your kids. As long as you don't go all "Single White Female" on any of the other PTA mums, you might just get away with this parenting approach with minimal Psychiatry bills for your kids. Maybe..
Sloth Mum
Oh, hello there. Are you actually awake? Good for you! You're a bit of a Sloth mum, which means you love sleep! Maybe it's because you never get any, or because your kids tell these stories that go on for days at a time, describing every single blade of grass in their imaginary garden until you fall into a sleep-like coma. Perhaps it's all just a bit too hard, so sleep seems like a good idea. Whatever the reason, you are either asleep, thinking about sleep or wishing you were asleep at any given moment (usually with a coffee in hand)
Goat Mum
Hello there goat mum. Also, put down that half eaten biscuit that you were 'taking to the bin' and step back. We all know that biscuit was not going to make it into the trash. Not unless you've named your mouth "The Trash" It may be because your kids never give you a chance to sit, let alone prepare food for yourself, or it may just be that your a bit lazy, or really like food. But just like like your namesake, you will eat any scrap of food that your children do not finish. Admit it goat mum, you have at least on one occasion eaten a lolly that you found on the lounge room floor. We all have.
Deer Mum
Don't move deer mum! The second you do, little Johnny is going to fall/scream/eat the curtains. You are the quintessential deer caught in headlights. You have no idea what is happening, you are frozen to the spot, but as long as you make no sudden movements everything should be fine.. Right? I'm sure it worked out great for the deer after all..

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