The Best Podcasts to Listen to for any Occasion

If you’re like me, you love listening to podcasts.  There is the best podcast for cleaning, your favourite exercise podcast, and a podcast to listen to on your long commute to work.

Not to mention the first cup of coffee in the morning podcast. The one before the kids wake up.

What happens when you run out of podcasts?  When they can’t make them as fast as you listen to them?  Or when you binge on a podcast until you’re sick to death of the sound of the presenters voice.  When you consider throwing your phone out of the car window, just to get away from their constant rambling..

It’s time for a new batch of podcasts.  A whole new list of the best podcasts to help you sneakily learn a bit, all the while enjoying yourself!

So here you go, tried and tested by me personally.  I listen and I like, now you can do it too!

99% Invisible, presented by Roman Mars

This podcast is about design and architecture, but stay with me here.  Each episode picks something that seems everyday and mundane, like Curb Cuts (ramps on the side of the footpath) and show this amazing backstory on how and why they became.  

I’ve learnt about Hanko (Japanese stamp seals that were used instead of signatures – and are only being phased out slowly now), romance book cover art, entire houses that you could order in a mail order catalogue, and more.  

Plus Roman Mars has this amazing deep voice that vibrates through your entire body. If it wasn’t for Mr. Piggy, I would probably be buying a plane ticket to Beautiful Downtown, Oakland California right now.

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Great Moments in Science, presented by Dr. Karl 

This is a short and sweet podcast that delves into a small subject each time.  Each Podcast is under 10 minutes (I’m not saying you should only exercise for 10 minutes, buuuttt…). This podcast is great for children too (though maybe vet the subject of each one first) it’s short, sharp and easy to follow, and has subjects like Fartology-101, and Brainfreeze.

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Science VS, presented by Wendy Zuckerman

In Science VS, Wendy Pitts science against, well, everything.  She delves into subjects like who actually built the ancient pyramids? Is vaping good for you? And can we actually bring a dinosaur back, Jurassic Park style?

Science Vs is a Gimlet (Spotify) Orginial – don’t worry, she’s fighting the Joe battle for us from the inside, she’s even versed his misinformation in one of her episodes – but you can access a few of her latest episodes on other platforms

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Stuff The British Stole, presented by Marc Fenell

Rumour is, that the original title had a different “S” word in it, but they settled on “Stuff” before bringing this little gem to the world.  

Did you know that over the years, as the British landed in different countries, they took things that they probably shouldn’t have home with them. Things like marble statues, chalices, and even dogs.

In each episode of this podcast, they tell us the story behind an object, where it was from, what it meant to the original culture, and how it ended up where it is now.  It’s usually a fascinating and winding tale.  

Annoyingly this podcast shows you so many sides and perspectives to each story, that by the end you are simultaneously angry that it was stolen, but on some level glad that it was.  

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Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford

Fairy Tales, with valuable life lessons for adults is how this podcast is described.  If you like to listen to a fun story that happens to be true – then learn something from it, this is the podcast for you!  I’ve learned about how Florence Nightingale was not just a nurse, but also a statistician that saved many people with her graphs (and was pretty sneaky about it too!) I now know about how the Dunning Kruger Effect actually works, and why we’re all susceptible to it (even if we don’t try to rob a bank covered in lemon juice) and many more interesting and fun stories.

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I could go on forever about Podcasts, but I won’t bore you like I bore poor Mr. Piggy and the Piglets.  Seriously though, these are good ones, so check them out!


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