Should I Let my Kids Eat all of Their Easter eggs in one go?

Easter.  I’m pretty sure it used to be about something else, possibly something religious.. But now, especially since I’ve had kids, its about chocolate.    

And with all of the brown bunnies and eggs scattered through the house, comes the question:  Should I (or my kids) eat all of the chocolate in one day, or is it healthier to spread the joy (and sugar intake) out over a few days or weeks?

Well fear not, my dear readers, I’ve done the hard yards – I did the research for you (ok, I googled a few articles about sugar and its effects, but that makes me an expert doesn’t it?..)

Will eating all of my kids chocolate in one day be bad for me?  Or is it better to eat my Easter eggs all in one go and get rid of it?

According to the insider, and dentists everywhere,  chocolate is bad for your teeth.  Who’d have thunk, right?!  

Chocolate has sugar.  Sugar on your teeth will feed bacteria.  Bacteria then poops out plaque (that’s what I tell my kids anyway – theres nothing like the threat of poop on your teeth to make a kid pick up a toothbrush)

Bacteria poop (or as the boring dentists call it, plaque) wear holes in your teeth, which everyone knows suck big time!

Well, it turns out that if you eat that giant easter bunny of yours in one go, then wash it down with a big glass of water, that sugar is in contact with your teeth for a lot less time than if you have a teeny tiny nibble each day.

Yay! permission to gorge!

But is there more to it? What about from a health point of view?

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your health. Obesity, diabetes, heart problems, the list goes on. So will eating too much chocolate in one go be bad for your body?

Well, that’s a tricky one. Too much sugar is bad for you no matter how and when you have it. You (and your kids) are going to get a sugar high about 15-30 minutes after eating that huge egg (and all 35 of the little googgies too) After the 40 minute mark you’ll get a little bonus energy from the caffeine in the chocolate too (at least thats what says)

But will eating too much candy at once give you diabetes? Heart disease? A stomach ache? I don’t fricken know. Ask your doctor. Ok, I know about the stomach ache. That’s a definite yes!

What my google search uncovered though, was something called Adaptive Thermogenesis. Basically when you put lots and lots of calories in your body in one go (for example all of your Easter eggs and bunnies) your body goes into action and speeds up your metabolism. If you eat a small egg or two extra each day, your body thinks this is now normal and just goes with the flow.

What does that mean?

Eat lots of sugar at once, your body: “Gotta use up this sugar!” Eat a small amount of sugar each day, your body: “Might keep this for later. Also when you try to lose this weight, I’m going to fight you for it!” (Adaptive Thermogenesis is really complicated, and I’m not that interested or up to speed on it, if you want to know more you should check this out.

Well there you have it. If you can handle the sugar rush, the caffeine hit, the sore tummies and vomiting (and that’s just from your husband) then it is actually better for your health to eat all of your Easter eggs today.

Probably. I’m really not an expert..

If you are going to save some of your easter chocolate though, you might want to read my article on what to do with leftover easter chocolate.

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