Recipe – Gooey Chocolate Campfire Bananas

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Chocolate and banana, can you get a better flavour combination?  

It turns out that you can!  

Add some campfire smoke (and a bit of that sunscreen/mozzie repellant taste that seems to be in absolutely everything you eat while camping) and you’re onto a chocolaty winner! 

*Though to be honest I have also made these at home in the microwave (sans foil) and in the fireplace, and they were also pretty yum..

Campfire Chocolate Bananas are one of my favourite camping recipes.  It ticks all of the boxes in one go:

  • It has fruit, so you can pretend that you’re a diligent mum, making sure your kids have a balanced diet even when camping, blah blah, blah..
  • They’re SO easy!
  • These delicious bananas have chocolate in them.  Because all good desserts should have chocolate in them.
  • They go on the campfire, like all good camp food should.
  • You can pre-make them at home before you leave, so that all you need to do is throw them in the fire and sit back with a glass of wine while they cook (this is my favourite bit!)

Anyway, onto the amazingly simple recipe and chocolaty goodness!

Gooey Chocolate Banana Recipe

Difficulty: So easy a monkey could do it


Prep time


Cooking time


Wine drunk (by me)



Sweet and smokey chocolaty bananas cooked in the campfire in minutes!

The perfect end to a day full of running, fishing, swimming and swatting bugs!


  • 1 Block of milk chocolate.
    You won’t need it all but just eat the rest, I won’t tell anyone..

  • 4 Bananas, skin intact

  • Foil

How to Make This Shit!

  • Get a banana, face the inside of the curve to you, and using a sharp knife slice vertically from the top of the banana to the base – making sure not to cut through the bottom of the skin.

    Your little nana is going to be stuffed full of chocolate, so you want a nice straight slice on the inside curvy bit, but not through the bottom layer of banana peel.

    Banana getting cut for chocolate to be added
  • Break your chocolate block into cubes
  • Eat some chocolate (of course!)
  • Poke the rest of the chocolate (that you didn’t just shove in your gob) into the banana. For a regular sized banana I usually put around 5 pieces, but you do you!
    Chocolate Loaded into Bananas ready for the campfire
  • Wrap tightly in foil (I then put mine in a ziplock bag and throw them in my esky, because I am a smart person who makes these at home before going camping. That means more wine time for me while I am camping..)Chocolate bananas wrapped in foil, ready to be taken camping
  • Place onto the coals of a fire (don’t put directly into flames, or your chocolate will burn, not goo, and no-one wants that)

    Leave for 15 minutes (or more if you get distracted by wine and firelight)Chocolate bananas cooking in the campfire
  • Using tongs (or two sticks fashioned into large chopsticks – if you forgot to bring tongs – we’ve all been there..) take out your Chocolate Bananas and leave to cool before opening the foil.
  • Eat, and wish that you’d made more of them!


  • One of my enterprising kids shoved some of his marshmallows into his chocolate banana before cooking, and declared the finished product a great success, so feel free to do that if you want..

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