QUIZ -What Should You Do Tonight?

Are you at a loose end?  Not sure whether you should go out or stay in tonight?

Do you want to do something, but just don’t know what to do?

It’s all good, making decisions can be hard, and I’m here to help make it easier!

Take my 5 minute quiz and I will magically fix your life!  Ok, I won’t fix your life at all (in fact, going by my track record, if you take my advice, your life will end up in an even bigger shambles than it is now) but you won’t know for sure until you try..

If nothing else, it’ll kill 5 minutes while you wait for the microwave to ding..

Are you allowed out of the house?

I don't care if its because of COVID, or because you're on house arrest after drunkenly throwing a Molotov cocktail into an abandoned Blockbuster video store when Netflix went down. Are you allowed out of the house?

Do you have children?

I mean, do you have youngish children that still live with you? You know, the ones that occasionally suck the life, energy, and money right out of you..

Is it within 3 months of Christmas?

An easy way to asses this is: Are the shops already playing the intense caterwauling of Mariah Carey and Michael Bublè

Do you like leaving the house?

like, if you're at a party, are you secretly fantasising about being at home with Netflix and your cat Frodo? Are you always sneaking off to the toilet for some alone time? (Not that kind of alone time, you dirty minded weirdo..) OR Do you want to be everywhere? See everyone? Are you the person at the party doing the thing? Are you tasting, talking and trashing everything, and loving it?

What Should You Do Tonight?
Stay home with a wine (or 5) in the blanket fort that you drunkenly built
Walk around the neighbourhood with a goon bag, shouting obscenities at people that pass
Cry in the shower, while drinking ouzo out of the bottle
Go to a Christmas shindig (unless it's a kids Christmas concert, then you should defs fake COVID to get out of it)
Go somewhere that you can drunkenly dance on a table. I recommend a bar, but other places will also work in a pinch


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