Quick Craft: DIY Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns

Crap! Halloween is coming up!   

These homemade Jack-o-lanterns are a fast and fun way to decorate your house in true Halloween fashion.

I have your Halloween craft and decoration ideas sorted. This is so quick and easy – and you probably have everything you’ll need for these milk bottle jack-o-lanterns already in your pigsty of a house!

If you need all of the monsters kids in the neighbourhood know that you are handing out little baggies of sugar – and you need to pretend to be that cool over-achieving mum, this is the craft for you!

*Also if you want to know if it’s healthier to gorge on your candy in one go, or spread it out over a few days, you should read Should I let my kids eat all of their Easter eggs in one go? I know Halloween candies aren’t Easter eggs, but sugar is sugar, right?

These Halloween milk bottle lanterns light up, so you can shine your parenting perfection out into the neighbourhood.  These homemade, recycled jack-o-lanterns will radiate out in the night, one-upping all the other parents out there.  

You know, like your neighbour Janet that just went to woolies and bought an orange and black streamer. 

That basic bi%ch!

Plus these decorations actually look really cool!  A 5 minute craft that looks like at least a 10, maybe even a 15 minute craft!

Anyway, enough of the annoying blog-like rambling.  

This is what you came here for:

I don’t even think I need to tell you how to do this.

But I will.  After all we all know sometimes you internet people can be a bit slow..


  1. Draw on empty milk bottle with permanent Texta (feel free to copy my faces if you like)
  2. Crack glow sticks, and throw them inside.

drawing a face on a milk bottle to make a Halloween decoration


picture of a homemade milk bottle jack-o-lantern for Halloween

P.S. I Obviously didn’t take this photo in our downstairs bathroom because it was the darkest room in our house, and I couldn’t wait until it was night to take a picture.. I mean, who would do something like that..?

Happy Halloween my little Piggies!

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