The Best Podcasts to Listen to for any Occasion

If you’re like me, you love listening to podcasts, but what happens when you run out of podcasts?  When they can’t make them as fast as you listen to them?  Or when you binge on a podcast until you’re sick to death of the sound of the presenters voice.  When you consider throwing your phone out of the car window, just to get away from their constant rambling.. I’ve got your back! Read on for some awesome new podcasts for you to listen to!

Beauty Tips from Yesteryear – The Secrets Your Grandmothers Swore by

Bambi Dollinger-Tart with a small selection of her makeup

That they took to the grave with them.Bitches. Hello my glamorous gerbils.Have you tried all of the latest fashion trends? Have you contoured your contours, highlighted your hairlines, and rubbed coconut oil all over your body until your as smooth, slick and slimy as a hagfish? Have you scoured the internet? Pinned ideas, saved links … Read more

How to Hide the Fact that you are Actually a Sloth Masquerading as a Human

Hello my slovenly Salamanders,  do you wish you were as tidy, put together, and naturally beautiful as I am? Do you wish you could glide effortlessly into a room and have all eyes turn to you because of your grace and beauty (not because you have two mismatched socks, toilet paper sticking out of your … Read more

I Quit Sugar

Hello my chipper chinchillas! Are you feeling bloated? Do you need to lose a touch of weight? Or are you just feeling flat?  Sort of like a beached whale, laying there waiting for someone to push you back into the ocean of your life? You’re not the only one. Just by looking at the Pimp … Read more

Jade Eggs in Your Hoo-Ha: Not Just For Pleasure

jade eggs in a bowl, ready for vaginal exercise and pleasure

Dear men, I love you, I honestly do. You are strong and manly, hairy in all the right places, and all round handy fellows to keep about, but this post is not for you. Not unless you want to hear about women sticking things up their vaginas. This post is for you, my wonderful warrior … Read more

The Pure and Natural Practice of Earthing

heart in the sand for earthing purposes

Namaste, my Peaceful friends.  Today I wish to speak to you all about the amazing, spiritual, esoteric, and downright scrummy movement towards earthing. Earthing is the practice of being one with the earth, of feeling the spiritual bond that comes from our land, and drinking up the natural, innate and intrinsic energy that the worm … Read more


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