Quick Craft: DIY Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns

Crap! Halloween is coming up!    These homemade Jack-o-lanterns are a fast and fun way to decorate your house in true Halloween fashion. I have your Halloween craft and decoration ideas sorted. This is so quick and easy – and you probably have everything you’ll need for these milk bottle jack-o-lanterns already in your pigsty … Read more

The Cutest, Creepiest Easy to Make a Snuggle Your Kid Will Love!

fluffy homemade snuggle from a jumpsuit

How to make a soft toy from an old onesie I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, one of the best things about those loud and really quite ridiculous things we call toddlers, is putting them into a jumpsuit. The second a toddler goes into a onesie, they seem to turn from demon child … Read more

How to Store The One Hundred Gazillion Soft Toys Your Child Has But Never Plays With

It’s a fact of life, if you have children, your house will be completely and utterly overrun by squashy, fluffy, adorable looking (slobber catching, germ infested, matted with indescribable brown muck) soft toys. But how do we store them? What was originally the one adorable snuggle that you couldn’t resist buying before your darling babe … Read more

Kid Craft: Firework Cards – Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort

Kids and craft go hand in hand, just like Gorillas and flinging poo.  They love it, it keeps them occupied, and everyone has a great time!  Well except for the poor sucker that has to clean it all up. You guessed it, that zookeeper person is going to be you!  And this gorgeous, Pinterest worthy … Read more

How to Make your House “Pinstaworthy”

beautiful clean house like you would see on pinterest

Get your house looking like a million dollars quickly and easily with these great tips! Pinterest and Instagram houses. They’re so beautiful! They’re styled and polished, they’re dust free and modern.Not like your filthy jumble of a house.  Take a look around.  Do you want to live like this?  Really? Of course you don’t!  If … Read more

Surprising Things You Can Put in the Dishwasher

Ah, the dishwasher, it’s a magical, mystical, amazing device. Dirty plates go in, clean ones come out.  All while I sip on a margarita and pretend to listen to my children. But did you know that you are probably under utilizing this amazing, time saving appliance? There is so much that the humble dishwasher can … Read more


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