What and Who is Pimp My Pigsty?

Pimp My Pigsty - The Lifestyle Blog that you didn't know you needed.

Well here you are. You've made it to Pimp My Pigsty.

The best (or at least the most realistic) lifestyle and family blog on the internet.

I'm Mrs. Piggy.  

Well, I do have a real name.  But frankly, I don't know you well enough to give it to you.  My kids and husband have names too, but screw you, I'm not telling you that shit.

I also won't tell you how to make your house Pinterest worthy - hell, there's a pile of kid's shoes, socks and god knows what staring at me while I type this..I won't tell you how to raise the perfect children - I'm not a perfect mum (not by a long, loooong shot) so how could I have perfect children?

I will give you some amazing tips, tricks and recipes.  Possibly even a few hacks - but DON'T PUT F*CKING LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER ON YOUR SHOWER SCREEN! (Seriously people, that hack drives me bonkers!)

Plus I have MEMEs!I'll also give you permission to laugh at my mistakes, and I'm happy to laugh at yours, if you want to share.

This blog is for the Mum's, for the Dad's, and for the kidless people who get annoyed with that goddamned perfect internet world that doesn't really exist.

Plus I won't swear at you too much, I Promise..

So, what do I do?

Well, what don't I do?

Actually, there's a lot I won't do, but it's mostly out of laziness, not out of a sterling moral compass or anything..

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