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Here at Pimp My Pigsty, we're about how to pimp not only your house, but your whole entire life!

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Rule number # 1 Don't take yourself (or this website) too seriously.

If you're looking at killing a bit of time while your kid watches Bluey (and for some odd reason you're not watching that awesome blue heeler yourself) I recommend checking out some of my quizzes.

They're super intellectual and real, trust me..

My recipes are delicious and nutritious - though I'm not so good with the food styling.  My meals often look like a dog vomited on the dining table (and the kitchen looks like a bush turkey snuck in and ran wild)

Buuutt I don't blather on for 42 paragraphs about the daisy chain I made last spring before actually telling you the recipe..

Apparently you can make your whole entire life easier by just hacking everything instead of doing things properly to begin with.

I've always been a big believer on taking shortcuts and doing half-assed jobs, so I'm on it!

Even my hacks are short and sweet. You could say I've hacked hacking!

  • The Best Podcasts to Listen to for any Occasion
    If you're like me, you love listening to podcasts, but what happens when you run out of podcasts?  When they can't make them as fast as you listen to them?  Or when you binge on a podcast until you're sick to death of the sound of the presenters voice.  When you consider throwing your phone out of the car window, just to get away from their constant rambling.. I've got your back! Read on for some awesome new podcasts for you to listen to! […]
  • an image of the stars ready to tell your fortuneYour Horoscope for the New Year – 2022
    A New year, a new you!   Now is the time to look to the stars to see what this beautiful new year has to bring for us all! A lot of you may not have pegged me for the Astrologer type, but don’t worry I consulted not only the stars and guides, but I also spoke to many many […]
  • QUIZ -What Should You Do Tonight?
    Are you at a loose end?  Not sure whether you should go out or stay in tonight? Do you want to do something, but just don’t know what to do? It’s all good, making decisions can be hard, and I’m here to help make it easier! Take my 5 minute quiz and I will […]
  • Quick Craft: DIY Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns
    Crap! Halloween is coming up!    These homemade Jack-o-lanterns are a fast and fun way to decorate your house in true Halloween fashion. I have your Halloween craft and decoration ideas sorted. This is so quick and easy – and you probably have everything […]
  • Before and after shots of kids lunchboxesDiary of an Apple in a School Lunchbox
    The week of a school apple. Have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside a school lunchbox?   All we ever see are the before photos. The fancy bento boxes without a wrapper or piece of sugar in sight. But what happens when the lid is put on? What happens when it is thrown […]
  • Chocolate bananas cooking in the campfireRecipe – Gooey Chocolate Campfire Bananas
    Chocolate and banana, can you get a better flavour combination?   It turns out that you can!    Add some campfire smoke (and a bit of that sunscreen/mozzie repellant taste that seems to be in absolutely everything you eat while camping) and you’re onto a chocolaty winner!  […]
  • Easter eggs in bowlShould I Let my Kids Eat all of Their Easter eggs in one go?
    Easter.  I’m pretty sure it used to be about something else, possibly something religious.. But now, especially since I’ve had kids, its about chocolate.     And with all of the brown bunnies and eggs scattered through the house, comes the question: […]
  • What is Your Parenting Style? – Quiz
    Take our quiz to find what kid of parent you really are! Tiger mum, helicopter parent, blah blah blah. We have heard of all of the parenting styles. Well at least all of the parenting styles that they have come up with this week. But what about you?  What is your mothering […]