A Dad Laughing at his own bad dad joke

The Best (or Worst) Dad Jokes on the Internet

Ah, dads.

They’re weird, sort of funny, and always there when you need them.

To help celebrate the Daddiness of dads everywhere this fathers day, we have compiled the best (or worst) dad jokes you have ever heard.

Don’t forget to show these to your dad. It will give him enough ammunition for the next three or so years.

Or maybe don’t show him… its up to you 😉

There was a man that got his left side cut off.

Don’t worry, he’s all right

A man walks into a zoo, the only animal was a dog.

It was a Shitzu.

Whenever she’s out of the room, your mum misses me. But her aim is improving.

Has your head exploded yet? We have more dad jokes to go..

You: Did you get your hair cut?

Dad: No, I got all of them cut

Did you hear about the circus fire?

It was intents

I was wondering why my frisbee was getting bigger. then it hit me.

The best and worst dad jokes on the internet

How do you makes holy water?

you boil the hell out of it.

Dad: Did you hear about that actress that was stabbed today? Reece something..

Poor sucker: Witherspoon?

Dad: No, with a knife.

Have you heard of the new movie about constipation?

It hasn’t come out yet.

You: How do I look?

Dad: With your eyes.

There you have it, the absolute best/worst dad jokes we could find for you! Does your dad know any of these jokes? Have you heard them 1 million times already?

If you’ve got any others, please let us know, we’d hate to miss out on your fathers favourite punny joke. especially on his day of days..

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