What to do with your left over wine bottles

We’ve all been there. A big Weekend goes by, and suddenly you have a few extra empty wine bottles laying around..

Just a quiet weekend in by myself..

But what can you do with these large, (sadly) empty vessels that have already given you so much joy in their short, short lives?

You could always melt candles in them, but really, are you a cheap Italian knock off restaurant?

That’s amore

You could grow plants in them, but then you’d just have a jungle of a house and everybody would know how cheap of an alcoholic you actually are (cheers to the $4 bottle of red!)

My simple, easy, environmental solution will have you all cheering from the rooftops for it’s ingenuity!

No-one in the world of DIY crafters – in the world of spending $380 on craft supplies to make a substandard decor item that can be bought for $29.95 has ever thought of this!

this is what to do with your left over wine bottles

Just throw your damn empty bottles in the recycle bin!

As an added bonus that clears up more space in your house for more important things.

Like wine bottles that actually have wine in them!


Love Mrs. Piggy.

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