A stack of dairy free, gluten free, soy free peanut butter cookies

Super Easy and delicious Peanut Butter Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are even dairy, gluten and soy free for you fussy people!!

*and only use 3 ingredients that you probably already have!

Mmmm… cookies. Peanut butter…

These amazingly simple (you don’t even need to measure the ingredients) Peanut butter cookies are the bomb! They are honestly some of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted – especially toasty warm from the oven and still slightly gooey on the inside…

Did someone say you could add choc chips? Mmmmm..

Ok, I think I’ve taunted you enough.

But just in case, here’s one more picture to get your tastebuds going..

Now onto this peanut butter cookie recipe, it’s so simple you’ll be whipping them up every day for the rest of your life*

*until you have the undeniable heart attack from all of the fat in the peanut butter that is

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Here’s my easy, Delicious Peanut butter recipe:

  1. Get a jar of Peanut butter.

    Open the jar and sneak a spoonful of peanut butter directly into your mouth (obviously)
    You need slightly less than a whole jar of peanut butter (so you should probably make it 3 large spoonfuls of the delicious stuff that you shovel into your mouth)

  2. Get an egg.

    Just the one

  3. Get some sugar.

    About equal parts sugar to peanut butter.
    It doesn’t need to be exact, so go less if you’re on a health kick, more if you’re a sweet tooth.

  4. Get a bowl.

    You’re actually almost done now. The bowl is for your ingredients (if you hadn’t figured that out)

  5. Mix.

    The egg and peanut butter make a horrific snot-like goo for a minute, but keep mixing. It will come together into a dough.

  6. Roll peanut butter cookie balls.

    Basically decide how big you want your cookies to be, then roll the mix into balls slightly smaller than that.
    Put them on a baking tray (I use baking paper because I’m an absolute slack arse when it comes to cleaning, but in all honesty it’s pretty unnecessary)

  7. Squash!

    I use a fork dipped in water. It makes that pretty hashtag design on top of your peanut butter cookies.
    That way they’re even pre – hash tagged for loading pictures of your freshly baked cookies onto your instagram account!

  8. Bake.

    It kind of varies depending on how big your greedy arse made the cookies, but 180c for about 10 minutes is usually about right.

  9. Eat!

    Ok, your should probably let your cookies cool first.
    Your peanut butter cookies will also be a bit soft (AKA fally aparty) until they cool slightly, so don’t panic!

That’s it!

It really is that simple (and that delicious) to make peanut butter cookies.

If you want to make these dairy/gluten/soy free, just make sure that the peanut butter that you use is dairy/gluten/soy free.

Easy Peasy!

Now get in my tummy!

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home made moisturising body bars, lip balm for your body

Moisturising Body Bars: Homemade Gifts Your Kids Can Make (That People will actually like and use!)

Let’s get moist and supple with these body bars!

Everyone knows that homemade gifts are the best. Making a gift (or forcing your child to do it) shows the recipient that you care.

Hooray you!  You took the time to create something especially for someone that you love!

It also makes you looks fantastic when you put photos of these gorgeous body bars on Instagram and facebook.

But lets be serious here. If you get a 5 year old to create a gift, it’s not something that anyone wants to display in their house (though if you must display kids art, here are some tips)

Why not get your children to make a gift that will actually be used and appreciated?

And best of all, once it’s used it disappears and will no longer be cluttering up your poor brother in laws house!

home made moisturiser in bar form

That’s where these amazing moisturising body bars come in!

What’s a body bar? 

Think of it as a hard moisturizing stick. Like a lip balm for your whole entire body!  And you probably have all of the ingredients that you need already in your house! **

**if you’re a bee keeper or some type of weirdo that collects beeswax, otherwise go to a fancy candle making store, or grab some off ebay**

Moisturising Body bars really are quite simple.  All you need is 2 ingredients, then any scents/add ons you wish to include.

Cocount oil and beeswax in equal amounts, then voila you’ve got yourself a gorgeous moisturiser in a handy little bar!

We also added some random essential oils I found in the back of my cupboard, and some fresh herbs from the garden (the kids insisted on basil in one batch, so good luck to whichever poor relative/school teacher that is going to go around smelling like some weird chocolate crackle/basil combination for the next few weeks..)

I paired our body bars with some Firework gift cards that I (I mean my children) also made, click here to get the instructions

Ok, on to the instructions.

How to make moisturising body bars:

Melt the beeswax   * when I first tried this, someone told me that you can melt beeswax with a hairdryer.  I thought this would be the safest, most hands on way for my kids to do it, so we gave it a go. 

It probably would work if you had block of beeswax. 

I had small beads of wax.  The hairdryer blew them all. Over. My. House. The kids thought it was hilarious, I drank a big glass of wine..

Put your damn wax in the microwave.

Depending on how big the batch of body bars that you’re making is, microwave for about 30 second bursts.  Once its nearly all melted, put your coconut oil in too and give it another zap.  Your moisturising body bars are nearly done!

Add your little smelly bits (fresh herbs, dried herbs, essential oils, whatever floats your boat..) then pour everything into a mold.  Small silicone ones are the best, but I’ve also used cookie cutters on a flat tray.

moisturising body bars in a heart shaped mould
Just imagine that the hearts are up the right way, I can’t be bothered turning the picture around just for you..

Chuck it in the fridge to set (you should probs grab yourself a wine while the fridge is open, us mum’s are known for our multitasking skills after all)

The next step is my favourite, chill with your wine(s) for 20 mins then pop your moisturisers out of the moulds.

moisturising body bars being removed from their mould by Pimp My Pigsty

Valentines/Christmas/birthday/I’m a pretentious mum that does craft presents hand made by the kids done!

moisturiser in bar form being handmade

Body Bars that feel so good to rub all over your old dry, cracked body! Totally easy, and not in the least messy at all, I swear *

*Mrs. Piggy takes no responsibility for any of you fools that actually attempt this project with children.  Kids are monsters, and should not be given anything.  Ever, at all..*

We chucked the finished body bars in some left over cups from the kids birthday party, and made some firework card information notes

moisturising body bars and firework cards handmade by the kids of Pimp My Pigsty
waste not, want not. I’m environmental, not cheap…

** Also, as much as all the ingredients are food safe and non-toxic (I hope). I do not recommend giving these lovely, heart shaped coconutty smelling little morsels to your forgetful grandmother in the nursing home.. trust me on this, you just don’t want to do it..

Love Mrs. Piggy

Want to see the firework cards that Mrs. Piggy used to label these bad boys?  Click here

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Mrs. Piggy Reviews: Backyard Chickens

I sit on my back patio with a fresh, steaming cup of coffee.

Well, I’m about to sit before I realise that there is a large black and white gift from one of my chicken friends steaming away on my favourite seat.

Chickens are lovely, fluffy creatures, but their poop is not.

I get a cloth and wipe up the fragrant mess. As I’m putting the cloth in the laundry I notice white spots approximately stride length apart along the floor.

I’ve managed to walk through another “gift” from the chickens. I follow the trail all the way into the house, wiping it clear as I go.

She stares me down creeping closer and closer to the open door

I turn around to get back to my peaceful deck and delicious coffee, only to come face to face with Gertrude, our fluffiest chicken, and best layer.

She stares me down creeping closer and closer to the open door.

I usually take the food scraps down to our brood at 10am. It’s is now 10:10 and the ladies are obviously starved and about to die, because right behind Gertrude are our 3 other chickens ruffling their feathers at me, letting me know that I am late and they are not impressed.

I get the bucket of food scraps and think longingly of my coffee as I head towards their enclosure (the one they supposedly can’t get out of) shaking the scrap container as I go.

If chickens had ears, they would have pricked up as much as a young puppy that just heard a slobbery tennis ball bounce off the sidewalk.

I hate food wastage, so love feeding all of our daily food scraps to our feathery brood, and they obviously love eating it – even the left over chicken carcass from last nights soup.

“Hurry up!”
Who said owning backyard chickens was a relaxing hobby?

I lead my brood back to their enclosure, as if I am some sort of magical pied piper of chickens. They would follow me right into the slaughterhouse if I shook their feed bucket along the way.

Once I throw all of the scraps down, I watch in amusement as Gertrude races to the chicken carcass, picks it up in her beak and scurries away with it. She reminds me of Gollum. She has just got her claws on the golden ring, her precious (and she is not unwittingly becoming a cannibal for her owners simple amusement).

I head over to their nesting box and open the lid.

As usual, there are only 3 eggs in there. Someone is not pulling their weight, and I have my suspicions which lady it is..

I take the eggs, making sure that I close the gate on their enclosure, then put their delicious fresh eggs into the kitchen. I head back to my now extremely cold coffee.

I contemplate microwaving it, but before I make up my mind I hear a squark and a squeal.

Houdini has nothing on our lovely lady “Cluck Norris”. She has once again managed to get out of her enclosure, and into the neighbours yard.

I hear the 3 year old next door giggling and chatting to our little Clucky as she chases her around their yard.

I put my coffee down once again, and head over to the neighbours house with a basket of fresh eggs as an apology/peace offering.

Holding Cluck Norris/Houdini I inspect her wings. Yep, still clipped.

I do not know how she manages to get out of her enclosure and into the neighbours yard on a weekly basis, yet here we are again.

On my way back to the chicken coop (again) I spot something out of the corner of my eye.

I put Clucky down and reach into our large, ornamental pot plant. Brushing the fan shaped leaves aside, I discover a gigantic pile of eggs.

Unbenknownst to us, “Cluck Norris” has obviously been escaping her enclosure on a daily basis, foregoing her wonderfully maintained, very cosy nesting box, to lay all of her eggs in one of our pot plants.

I fill a basket with my new egg cache, and head back to my coffee, before remembering that I did not put Clucky back into her enclosure.

Jackpot! I found all of Cluck Norris’s eggs!

I grab the now empty food scrap box and walk towards our chicken jail. “Cluck Norris” spots the box and races into her enclosure as I open the gate for her.

I triumphantly show Clucky that the scrap box was empty, and actually feel pretty darn smug that I managed to outsmart a chicken!

I grab my ice cold coffee once again.

I take a sip, then tip the rest over the balcony.

I’m going to make an omelette instead.

Owning backyard chickens – almost as time consuming as having a toddler.

But at least you get fresh eggs.


3 stars.

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fluffy homemade snuggle from a jumpsuit

The Cutest, Creepiest Easy to Make a Snuggle Your Kid Will Love!

How to make a soft toy from an old onesie

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, one of the best things about those loud and really quite ridiculous things we call toddlers, is putting them into a jumpsuit.

The second a toddler goes into a onesie, they seem to turn from demon child whose off switch and volume control buttons are jammed, to a fricken adorable demon child whose off switch and volume control buttons are broken.

just look at that kid..
Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

The fluffier the onesie, then cuter the child becomes. And the better you get at dealing with the fact that your toddler just coloured in the cats bum with a red Texta.

If your kid is like mine (or if you are like me) they will get sentimentally attached to at least one of those soft, loveable outfits.

But like it or not, your damn kids keep growing, and before you know it, their favourite outfit no longer fits over their chubby thighs (check out our sugar free tomato sauce recipe if you want to make your kids to fit in their clothes a bit longer 😉 )

So what do you do with that fluffy wad of fabric when it no longer fits your child?

You turn it into the cutest, creepiest snuggle you have ever seen of course!

It’s as simple as turning the onesie inside out and stitching up the arm and leg holes!

you could easily use a sewing machine, but honestly you’d be finished before you set the machine up..

Make sure that you zip up your onesie before stitching the neck hole so that it aligns properly, but very importantly, don’t zip it quite to the top.!

Once you’ve finished sewing, you’ll need to unzip the jumpsuit (that’s where leaving a gap at the top comes in handy) and turn it in the right way around.

Now you can go ahead and fill your Childs newest soft toy with bear stuffing (you can just use rags too if you want!)

nawwww! a headless toddler! At least it can’t scream at you..

Now all you need to do is put a few extra stitches in at the top of the zip (so that your toddler can’t open their new snuggle and leave a trail of stuffing through the house)

Don’t look in the background.. I have no explanation

There you go! I hope your child loves their new soft toy as much as mine does (and you can store it here with all of their other soft toys if they don’t!)

I’d love to see photos of your finished products! Share them with us on facebook.

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Sugar Free and Deliciously Easy Tomato Sauce/Ketchup Recipe

If you have kids in your house, you will understand when I say that tomato sauce is a food group all in itself.

If my youngest would have her way, she would just throw back ketchup, straight from the bottle for breakfast lunch and dinner!

But my freakishly loud, ridiculously adorable little monster is not going to do that.  If I wanted her hopped up on sugar all day, I’d just hand her the sugar jar and be done with it!

I can’t eat that much sugar in one sitting without either gaining 700kgs, or having a sugar crash the size of a jumbo jet.

So damn it, if I can’t do it, neither can the 3 year old!

That’s where this super easy, absolutely healthy and no (added) sugar tomato sauce recipe comes in!

2 ingredients, 3 steps and you’re ready to slather this sauce all over your kids favourite fish fingers and chips

(which thanks to this magic recipe, you now don’t have to feel guilty about giving your kids – woot woot!)

Tomato paste
seiously, that’s it!

Step 1: steam your pumpkin (I even did it with the skin on for added nutrients)

Step 2: blend pumpkin and tomato paste until smooth – don’t forget to check taste, colour and consistency – remember it’s supposed to be tomato sauce here! Add a bit of water if necessary.

Step 3: make sure your little sugar addict is far far away from you, so they do not witness the deceit, and fill up an empty tomato sauce container.

If you’ve ever tried to fill up a bottle with a gloopy, sloppy ketchuppy mixture, you will know this is easier said than done!  For a simple hack to do this, click here!

You could wash off the label if you wanted to, but I’m going for the authentic, trick the toddler look here. Nothing in our house looks nice, and I do not want her getting suspicious!

There, you’re done! this should last in the fridge for around a week, but seriously, would a bottle of tomato sauce last that long in your fridge if you didn’t limit the kids access to it?

If you have a true sugar addict, maybe try weaning them off their sauce of choice.

Trust me, it sucks to go cold turkey, no matter what you’re going cold turkey from.  Try mixing half the real stuff and half your sneaky nutritious blend, then as they get used to it, up the healthy shit.

Good luck!

Love Mrs. Piggy.


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Simple Hack to fill up sauce bottles

Geeze, you guys really need your hands held to do just about everything don’t you?!

Well, it didn’t actually occur to me that you’d be so hopeless that you couldn’t figure out how to fill a sauce bottle by yourself, so I didn’t take any pictures sorry.

Anyway, here goes:

How to fill up a sauce bottle (or any container with a small opening on the top)

  1. Get a ziplock bag

    Roll the sides down, exposing the middle of the bag, and making it easy to sit/balance on the table

  2. Spoon or Pour goop into ziplock bag

  3. Seal up the ziplock bag

  4. Cut one corner off your bag

    Squeeze from the bag into your sauce bottle/small container.

Done, you fools!

Squeeze your moronic little hearts out!

If you want something to squeeze, why not check out Mrs. Piggy’s sugar free home-made ketchup recipe?

Love Mrs. Piggy.

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Ask The Pig: Husband’s Messy Wardrobe

Dear Mrs Piggy,

I need some help with my husbands wardrobe.
No matter what I do, he just messes it up!

His shoes are thrown in on the floor, he pulls out all his shirts and just stuffs them all back in. It’s a mess!

Should I get boxes or baskets for everything? What’s with that special folding technique that shows him all of his shirts so he doesn’t make a mess?

What would work best for a messy man that doesn’t seem to care?

Trying to Tidy,
Tin Can Bay

Dear Trying to Tidy,

The only box I recommend for this situation is a box of wine.

Let me run through a scenario with you: you go through a lot of effort to clean up after your husband as if he was an adorable yet foolish puppy that pooped in your shoe.

He re-messes.

You get resentful and drink that box of wine I mentioned earlier. You then re-clean the cupboard, which he promptly re-messes the next time he really really needs “that black shirt with the thing from that shop you bought him 2 years ago”.

You then drink two more boxes of wine and quietly plot his murder.

As far as I know they don’t let you have boxes of wine in jail.

It’s not your poor disheveled husbands fault that you got addicted to a show on Netflix and feel the need to kondo his life down to 3 shirts, two shorts and a pot plant.

I suggest that instead you go outside and relax with a drink – while you lecture your daughters on why it’s not a women’s job to clean up after a man continuously (and just for good measure, you should probably get your son to bring you another wine. You know, for feminists sake)

Let your poor husband be the uncouth, messy slob that he’s always been, even if it’s just behind the closed door of his wardrobe.

Love Mrs. Piggy

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Mrs. Piggy Reviews: Game of Thrones

Sex. Murder. War. Stab stab.


Sex sex, dragons.

Sex with dragons?

Stab stab, die!


As a game, Game of Thrones is not particularly interactive or fun.

As a show, meh.

As a throne, well my couch is more comfortable.

I’d rather Brooklyn 99 any day.

Game of Thrones


2 stars.

Do you have a burning question that you would love Mrs. Piggy’s help with? Email her at info@pimpmypigsty.com, and let her solve all of your problems!

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Dairy Free Gluten free chocolate egg recipe

Dairy Free Gluten Free and Surprisingly Not Joy Free Chocolate Egg Recipe

Easter, the time to eat all of the Chocolate, drink all of the booze, and fight with all of the family.

Oh, and there’s a big bunny, and something vaguely religious too I think..

Anyway, if you’re on a health kick and want to reduce your sugar and processed nonsense intake, or if you have an allergy to dairy or gluten (or just have an intolerance to delicious joyful food) then this is the recipe for you!

Plus as an added bonus, it’s cheap, easy, and looks fricken adorable!

Check it out!

Now lets be honest here, these bad boys are still full of fat and sugar, but the fat is coconut oil, which everyone knows is magical (Just a side note here for the mums: apparently a spoonful of it a day will kill threadworms and their evil, minuscule eggs, do NOT ask me how I know that little fact..!)

And the sugar, well I used maple syrup, and that comes from a tree so it’s totally fine obviously..

Plus it’s Easter and although it’s a time for miracles, asking for a gluten free, dairy free, genuinely healthy option that also tastes good, just aint gonna happen…

Here’s the miraculous recipe in all it’s Easter glory


Hollow plastic Easter eggs.

2 cups puffed rice (make sure it’s gluten/dairy free if necessary – that evil stuff lurks everywhere!

1/2 cup shredded cocnut (yep, I noticed the typo, but have decided to leave it for your enjoyment)

1/4 cup cacao powder (cocoa will do too, it’s still not bad for you)

1/2 cup melted coconut oil 

maple syrup to taste 


Step 1 Combine puffed rice, coconut oil coconut and cacao powder in a bowl. Add maple to taste. Mix until combined.

Step 2 Fill empty plastic egg containers with chocolatey deliciousness then refrigerate. I sprayed the egg moulds with olive oil (another superfood snuck in there!) but lets be honest here, you’re filling this little delicious nugget pretty much entirely with fat.  I don’t think the oil is necessary.

Step 3 Take your chocolate snappy bubble morsels out of the moulds.  Or leave them in.  Or like me, leave half in, half out then pose artfully for a photo (protip: use blutac to hold them upright for photos)

  On second thought, maybe leave them in the mould. Unless you think this doesn’t look like a “I’ve just eaten 3 packets of sultanas” toddler poop..

Step 4 Move to Antartica, or eat your crackle eggs super fast, because coconut oil melts like a middle aged woman watching Jason Momoa emerging wet and glistening from a large body of water.


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What to do with your left over wine bottles

We’ve all been there. A big Weekend goes by, and suddenly you have a few extra empty wine bottles laying around..

Just a quiet weekend in by myself..

But what can you do with these large, (sadly) empty vessels that have already given you so much joy in their short, short lives?

You could always melt candles in them, but really, are you a cheap Italian knock off restaurant?

That’s amore

You could grow plants in them, but then you’d just have a jungle of a house and everybody would know how cheap of an alcoholic you actually are (cheers to the $4 bottle of red!)

My simple, easy, environmental solution will have you all cheering from the rooftops for it’s ingenuity!

No-one in the world of DIY crafters – in the world of spending $380 on craft supplies to make a substandard decor item that can be bought for $29.95 has ever thought of this!

this is what to do with your left over wine bottles

Just throw your damn empty bottles in the recycle bin!

As an added bonus that clears up more space in your house for more important things.

Like wine bottles that actually have wine in them!


Love Mrs. Piggy.

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