Sizzle Steak Burgers

Sizzle Steak Burgers

Miraculous 20 minute meal that is healthy, your kids will like – and its cheap!

I understand the frustration.  You’ve just gotten home from work, your 308 children have 1,948,474 questions/problems/homework sheets, you can’t get the cork out of the wine, and dinner: the huge, evil, monstrous task of cooking something that your children will eat, doesn’t cost the earth, is quick, easy, healthy, and most important worthy of a facebook photo is still ahead of you.

As I am the absolute epitome of motherhood and domesticity (I’ve only misplaced 3 of my children, and the police brought them back almost straight away) I can very easily put a delicious nutritious meal on the table, one that at least one of my little piggies will pick at.
That counts.

I call it “jet plane parenting” Where I would fly off and leave them if I were leagally allowed

If any of my children reject it I just pretend that I’m doing the whole tough love gig.

I call it “jet plane parenting” Where I would fly off and leave them if I were legally allowed…

Anyway, I digress.. The food I cook, if they don’t want it, they can go without – I’m pretty certain they all have food stashes under their beds that they can forage before starvation hits anyway.

Yesterday I found a small foil miso soup wrapper in the teenagers room…  come to think of it, he must have a kettle hidden somewhere to boil water for it too. His room is quite often very vaporous and exotic smelling.
I digress again… back to the modern miracle of cheap, easy, nutritious, tasty and instaworthy food.

Every kid loves a burger so we will jazz one up.  It will be healthy, delicious and nice on the eyes.

Yesterday my 8 year old told me she no longer eats red meat and my 16 year old told me that he’s decided to go paleo – something about the environment, or a girl maybe… after 6 shots of vodka my memory isn’t what it used to be.
I love my children, so of course my meal plan had to include some processed bread product, and red meat.
Honestly, if they want to eat the blue-green algae off the underside of a dead whale, I’m cool with that, but they’d better be earning the money to buy that shit and slaving away in their organic, natural, uncontaminated with delicious processed food kitchen to make it themselves.

Most supermarkets nowadays have a high fibre/low GI bread roll, and if you’re lucky they’ll cover them in seeds and grains – that’ll piss off the paleo kid, and will look super pretty on pinterest at the same time!  oh yeah, and it’s healthy.
I do of course also grow my own salad greens.  If you grow your food yourself, you know exactly what’s in it – nothing but organic in this household.  I do love my kids after all – don’t you love yours enough to do this too?
* well I’m pretty certain they’re organic, except for possibly the time that  I threw up in the garden – is partially digested rum organic?


Pure, organic, pesticide free, faintly rum infused nasturtiums from my garden
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