Quiz – Do You Know How to be Healthy? Simple answers for tough lifestyle questions

“Eat this, drink that, but not too much!”

“Exercise, but just sit and meditate too”

“Carrot is a superfood, but if you eat too much you’ll turn into an oversized orange oompa – loompa.”

Navigating the world of health is a tricky road to traverse of late.  We are bombarded with conflicting reports, studies and facebook trends.

How do we know what is healthy, and what is right for us?

Here at Pimp My Pigsty we have created a bit of a cheat sheet/quiz to help you become fitter, healthier and most importantly happier!

Good luck on your journey to wellness.

How many grains should you consume in a day?

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3 beers and a whiskey

How much sleep do you need each day?

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Enough so that you sleep through your hangover

Why is running so good for you?

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Endorphins. Running away from responsibility and towards the liquor cabinet produces feel good chemicals in your brain

How long should you meditate for to get the best results?

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Enough that your co-workers and children think you're asleep and leave you alone

Is sugar as evil as everyone says it is?

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Yes. Give me all of your donuts.

Is it really important to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

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well, there's water in beer, so sure drink up.


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