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Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to write my “hello” piece for his website. I’ve been a bit busy today.
I’ve stopped my oldest child from eating a bar of soap – and by oldest child, I mean husband… He really is a wonderful fellow, but put something nice smelling and shaped like a piece of fruit in front of him and you’re just asking for trouble apparently..

I’ve also witnessed one of my actual children pick something off the floor, smell it, then eat it, I’ve had a couple of schnapps, created an exploding volcano for a school science fair, had a glass of red, made a wonderful centrepiece for our kitchen table (then defended the centrepiece from family pets and husband – note to self, don’t put apple shaped soap on the dining table), drank some schnapps, tidied the house, helped with homework, had a glass of wine, dinner, chores, a bottle of vodka, you know all that stuff…

Oh, I’ve also managed to write a couple of articles for Pimp my Pigsty!
You’re welcome to check out my Ask The Pig advice column, where I happily share my wisdom with any of y’all that are brave enough to ask. I’ve also put up a few home tips, written a few reviews for our Mrs. Piggy Reviews section and added a couple of my favorite recipes to our website.

Maybe I’ll get to this article tomorrow.
Anyway, I think it’s time for a nice relaxing glass of white now.

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