Bambi Dollinger-Tart putting on makeup

Bambi Dollinger-Tart

Hi there my cheerful chimps, my name is Bambi, and I’m here to help you become fun, frisky, fit and foxy.

I’ll show you what to exercise, how to eat, and all the ways to accentuate what you’ve got and hide what’s not.

And now, a little about me. My life is a pretty open book, probably quite similar to most of you.
I’m an only child of a pretty average, middle class family. My parents only owned three boats and seven houses when I was a child.

My love of exercise really comes from my mother. She was quite inseparable from her personal trainer Raul. In an effort to get closer to her I decided to take up yoga, Pilates and full contact wrestling (I know, I thought it was an odd one for a middle aged albeit quite fit lady to take up, but one day I walked in on her and Raul training, so thought I should give that one a go too)

My mother seemed distantly pleased that I had chosen to take up the same interests as her, but when I suggested that I join her and Raul in their training sessions she didn’t seem as enthused as I thought she would.
I threw myself into training, and took up a few other sports too – the lovely girls that I wrestled with suggested football and shot put which I loved!
Exercise became a wonderful fulfilling part of my life, and, my sparkly spiders it will be the same for you!

Obviously the more beautiful you look, the happier you are

Beauty is another of my passions. Obviously the more beautiful you look, the happier you are.

A lot of people think I’m a bit plastic and fake, and to those people I shake my head disdainfully.
Although I’m not afraid to use a makeup brush (and I’ll share some of my favourite tips with you later!) I can say in no uncertain terms that my body has never been under a plastic surgeons knife.
This body is the result of many amazing diet and eating hacks, super fun exercises, and beauty tips and tricks that I can and will share with you.


Come on my lively lizards, together we can change the world!

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