An Idiots Guide To Contouring

Hello my cheeky chiuahahas! Are you a rookie when it comes to rouge?  A plebe with your primer?
Do you always make a mess with a makeup brush?  Or worse, look like Khloe Kardashian before she paints, contours and transforms her face to look like an Instagram filter without an Instagram filter?


Then this article is for you!
I’m here to teach you the art of contouring and highlighting, or in idiots terms, painting lines on your face to completely change the look and shape of it.
Or at least pretend to!


still be the same hideous hyena under the make-up, but what people don’t know can’t hurt them
You will of course still be the same hideous hyena under the make-up.  But what people don’t know cant hurt them, right?!


I’m going to let you all into a very closely guarded secret about myself.  I too, my gleeful galas, partake in the secret art of contouring.


Without my trusty makeup brush, my face shape is less supermodel, and more slightly green potato..


Don’t believe me?


Here, it is great trepidation that I show you my before photo.  Please continue to love me, my vain velociraptors, even after viewing this picture…
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