Easy Tips For Keeping Young Children Occupied While Hung-Over

Ok, the title is a bit of a misnomer – you don’t actually have to have had an insanely huge night that involved 9 bottles of wine, 2 friends, 2 trays of chocolate brownies, a bottle of rum and multiple drunken text messages for these tips to be useful.. you could have the flu, you could have morning sickness, or you could just be damn sick of your toddlers and playing ‘let’s eat that pretend cake and say yum yum’ again – I don’t judge.


ways to keep toddlers entertained without having to move or interact with them more than you need to

Anyway, these are my tried and tested favorite ways to keep toddlers entertained without having to move or interact with them more than you need to:


1. Set up a tub of water outside (or in the bathtub in winter), give them a bit of bubble bath and some scourers, then ask them to “clean.”
They can clean their toys, clean the fence, hell they can even clean the grass, as long as they leave you alone, as you sob quietly into your hydralite.


2. YouTube cat videos are not just for adults.
Child number one was not a tv kid – and trust me, I tried to get him hooked, I tried so very hard!
As soon as a cute cat was on YouTube, he was still. Blissfully, quietly still!
**Super mama hack: if the video has babies as well as cats, you’ll get twice as much peace.


3. Stickers. Need I say more? Oh I do need to say more. Ok, if a book or piece of paper doesn’t cut it, take a couple of aspirin, get comfy on the couch or in your bed, allocate an arm/leg to each child, then request stickers. Tell them you want to be covered completely.
This one works well because the fools – I mean lovely bundles of joy think that you’re playing with them.  You can be present without being present..
** Super mama hack: do not doze off unless you know all permanent markers are out of your kids reach. Child number 2 taught me that once their artistic juices start flowing, apparently it’s not a huge leap from stickers to markers..

Read on to find out how to relieve some of your frustrations with toddlers without getting in trouble with social services…

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