children artwork displayed in a photo frame

How to Display Your Children’s Artwork

Tough love

I kid you not, the other day my child brought home a piece of bent, scrunched card with a single squiggly line on it from school. Why he believed this piece deserved space in his bag, let alone our walls is beyond me.

So of course I did what any loving mother would do.
I tore it up in front of him, told him and told him in no uncertain terms that what he had half heartedly created was not art, and not worth my time.
I then sent him to bed without any dinner.
This method obviously worked, because the following morning when I allowed him out of his room to beg for my forgiveness, he presented me with this lovely watercolour that he painted using his tears and a brush that he fashioned from a lock of his hair.

This beauty will be allowed on our walls. At least until his sister sees it and gets to work on her competing piece.

Oh, you could always do this too:

Note the beautiful frames take away from the tackiness of the pictures

Or try this:

See how in this case quantity over quality is key, the more colour and shapes there are, the less likely visitors are to look at one individual piece and notice that your child is mediocre at best.
There you have it!
Make your house as beautifully pretentious as your favorite Instagram account.
You’re welcome.
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