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How to Display Your Children’s Artwork

So that you look like you love them, yet still have one part of your house that is not completely overrun by their crap
We’ve all been there, your beautiful, precocious wide eyed child runs towards you with a piece of scrunched up paper in their eager hands.
“Look what I made for you mum, don’t you love it?!”
A scrappy piece of paper with two yellow crayon lines, a wet yoghurt stain on the top and somethings even more disgusting and indistinguishable smeared along the bottom.
Of course I love my children but their artwork, quite frankly sucks.
Everyone knows however that if you want to pretend to guests and Facebook friends that you are good parent you must display your children’s artwork – bonus points if the art makes your child look like a prodigy.
How do we show pinterest that we love our children, without our walls covered with rejects from the recycle bin?
So how do we do it? How do we show Pinterest that we love our children, without having our walls covered with rejects from the recycle bin?
Below are a few tips that I’ve managed to come up with to help out.

Commission artwork from them
Our walls were covered in a mismatch of utter nonsense – pompoms here, pink paper there, a toilet roll with a piece of tangled tape dangling down.
We have a lovely, large, modern TV on our wall, and frankly this nonsense was making it look less expensive and classy.
I gave my kids small blocks of black 3D card and some chalk pastels and voila, modern art that rivals Jackson Pollock
Our expensive, and extremely smart TV and the children’s artwork to compliment it. The photo doesn’t show the intricate detail of the art, but it really is just scribbles. No-one wants to see that anyway.

Get your children to compete for coveted wall space
**This method is much better suited to larger families and competitive children.
The first step for this method is to find a space in your house that you are ok with having an empty cereal box, stuffed with other cereal boxes, painted so many runny colours that it’s turned a poo brown.
This could be on the mantel (you must really love your children!) on the playroom wall, the fridge, or behind the bathroom door (bonus points if it keeps your husbands visits in there shorter!)
The next step is to tell your children these places are the only places art will be displayed in the house, and only the best pieces will go up.  As a new piece is created it must be submitted to you for your perusal. You can then decide if this new “art” is better than the current piece, and if so, replace it.
Simple as that.
If your children are even slightly competitive, this will work a treat, and you will constantly have new and better pieces to show off to any pseudo friends that come over to your house.
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