Cheap and Cheerful Activities to Keep Older Children Occupied

Hi there my fellow exhausted mummas.

It’s school holidays here at the moment, so I currently have about seven hundred and sixty three children at my house.

I think most of them are mine.

Anyway, who doesn’t love school holidays.  Parents that’s who!

I always have an exhaustive repetoure of activities for the toddlers and ankle biters of the family, but every school holidays its like I have to dig down to the furtherest, dustiest corner of my shell schocked, screamed out mind to come up with ways to occupy the school dwellers and keep the peace.

This time I thought I’d make a list, so here goes, cheap and cheerful ways to occupy the big kids:  I hope it helps out at your den of chaotic bedlam as much as it does in mine.

Everyone knows the old bribery trick.  “Be good and you’ll get a treat”

The older the kids get, the more expensive this method can be, and if you have more than a few kids, this will bankrupt you by the end of the first week of the holidays.

Instead of bribing each of your children, I find it so much cheaper, and so much easier to just bribe one child.

Create a “snitch” if you will.

By bribing your way into your little informants heart (wallet) you can effectively create peace and harmony (or a well ordered and quiet military state) for a much cheaper price.

Just lock them out of the house.

If you’re worried about them leaving the perimeter and causing chaos on the streets, tell them its a fun game/group exercise.  They must work together to find their way back into the house.

An outside child is a quiet child. If you lock the doors and turn your music on


All attempts must be quiet, they must avoid witnesses (no-one wants police knocking on their door while sipping their peaceful, blissful kid free wine in the bathtub) and make sure the kids don’t do any damage.

Breaking a window to get into the house is so unimaginative.  You want to be raising cat burglars here, not common thugs.

That should do it really.

Otherwise just give them their devices and a bag of chips, it’s what you all really want anyway…

Good luck, and much wine to you all XX

Mrs. Piggy

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