50(ish) Things to Throw Away For Instant Decluttering

Your house is full.  Full of people and things, things everywhere.

Things that you don’t know how they got there, things that you don’t know about, and things that you don’t understand.  I get it, my house was there too.

Then I found out about the Ikea Dead people clean out… or something…

Maybe it was the Swedish Death Cleaning method… who can keep track of this stuff?  Especially when there is a pile of Dominos discount brochures as high as your eldest child on the bench.

Anyway, who has time for a full on, ‘take stock of your entire life and belongings’ clear out?  I know I personally have trouble fitting in time to have a second glass of red while cooking dinner, let alone anything else.

So I have done it once again.

Here is my concise, condensed and consolidated way to declutter your life:

50 (ish – who has time to count) things to throw away for instant decluttering

Old takeout menus

Old makeup

Out of date food from your pantry

Socks that have lost their partner

Worn out shoes

Chipped plates/crockery

Tupperware missing lids

Tupperware lids without bases

Screw it, toss all the Tupperware, you never eat left overs anyway


Those little shampoos you stole from the hotel – you won’t use that, we both know it!

Towels with holes in them

Toys the kids have grown out of

Toys with batteries that make really annoying noises

Toys that hurt your feet when you stand in them

Dammit, just toss all the toys

Clothes your kids have grown out of

Stained shirts

Stained pants

Undies with skidmarks

That means all kids clothes will be tossed

Kids “art” – save a few of you must, but no one needs 100 stick figure pictures with 3 eyes and giant balloon boobs

Kids. Just toss the kids. Instant declutter!

There! Done and dusted!

Now get yourself a wine!

  • You’re welcome, Love Mrs. Piggy


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