Pimp my Pigsty is all about you.

About what you can do, and what you can be.

Our experts will guide and shape you, much like a piece of play dough that your toddler spilled water on.  It may be messy, it may be fun, or you may end up laying on the floor screaming for mummy.

We’ll show you how to get your house Pinterest worthy, your body as smooth, shiny and hairless as a barbie dolls bum, your soul and spirit as free as a broken old table left on the sidewalk, and your kids as well dressed and obedient as, well, let’s not push it..

Whether your pigsty is literal or figurative, your house or your mind, whether your pigsty is actually your blackened evil soul, or your trashed garden after a 3 week drugged fuelled party, let us help you pimp it.

Come with us and become a better you. Or at least a better fake you.

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